Green tip! Reuse cr2032 coin cell batteries with too low voltage for head sensor in many other gadgets! / Ekovinkki: Käytä cr2032 kolikkopattereita joiden jännite on laskenut liian matalaksi pääsensorille muussa laitteessa!

ACT Head Impact Tracker head sensor requires a lot from its power source cr2032. A lot of minimum voltage for example. That's why the batteries seem to "run out" fast.
We are aiming at becoming more sustainable every day and are for example working hard to improve the head sensor's power efficiency and to find options for non-rechargeable coin cell batteries. Some improvements are already in the testing phase and we hope to have good news to share still this spring.

However there is one thing already today which is worth sharing: You can and should reuse the batteries from ACT Head Impact Tracker head sensor in many other gadgets running with cr2032 coin cell battery. Yes! it sounds strange, but the coin cell batteries are not empty once they become unusable by ACT Head Impact Tracker head sensor. They just have too low voltage in them to support the complex and plentiful operations the head sensor needs to do. Vast majority of the gadgets using cr2032 coin cell battery as power source are far less complicated and hence can do with lower voltage in their power source. This means you can reuse the batteries with number of other gadgets. 
Thank you for reusing the cr2032 until they are really empty! 
And thanks for recycling your empty batteries!