We are determined to make a difference. With your help we can. By using ACT Head Impact Tracker User contributes to collecting aggregated data (i.e. unidentifiable statistical data with no personal user information) to help the global community to learn and understand:

  1. What is happening, where, when, why and to whom (male/female, senior/junior, etc)?
  2. Knowledge on specific impact profiles in certain sports may be valuable for improving the safety, rules and practices of the sport.
  3. More detailed information on the real-life impact forces occurring in specific sport can be useful in the design and development of equipment and protective gear for the sport.
  4. Studies have already identified correlation in the force of the impact and health consequences in certain sports and in certain groups of athletes. For example researchers Pellman and Zhang with their colleagues found that ”Using NFL injury incidents, linear accelerations of 66g, 82g, and 106g resulted in a 25%, 50%, and 80% risk of concussion, respectively. Using the same data set, angular head accelerations of 4600, 5900, and 7900 radIsj2 resulted in a 25%, 50%, and 80% risk of concussion, respectively.”

No personal information is used in aggregated data.

We also aim for making and bringing you ACT Head Impact Tracker as sustainably as we know how. Our products and services are designed in Finland and developed in Finland, with small help from Estonia. Our software and cloud services are further developed and kept running in Finland by guys living not far from Arctic Circle. Our products are manufactured in Finland and in Estonia, both Northern European EU member states. We savor knowing that those great folks who are making our products have good working conditions and get an appropriate pay and benefits for their efforts. Also, what it comes to servicing European markets, having the products here to begin with will keep the distances short and cut down the logistics to minimum.

You play a big role in this too. Thank You for...

    ...Using our online User Manual!
    This will save a lot of printing, ink, paper and moving it around.
      ...Not minding the tiny and non-existing packaging!
      This way we can use as little packaging material as possible to safely and soundly bring the products to you.

        ...Buying our accessories and do some DIY to make them last longer!
        Our headband and pouch are made of and making use of industry excess and recycled materials. Use them as long as you can. If you run out of hook-tape on the headband, you can go and get more in most craft shops, fabric shops and hardware stores, and keep using the headband as long as it physically lasts. 

        … For not buying our accessories!
        Almost any kind of pouch will do to keep your ACT Head Impact Tracker head sensor and headband or dock separated from those of others and keep them, and exchange batteries, together in one place. So before buying the pouch, do look around in your own closets, there might be something you can use instead of buying a new one.

        … Buying almost too small sized head band!
        The head sensor needs to be hugging your head firmly. Yeah, we mean tight. It must not move around by itself, or it might measure its own movement, not that of your head’s. So please make sure to order a headband in a right size, which is in this case rather a bit too small than too big. Buying the right size the 1st time around, will not only save your time and effort, but also packaging materials and logistics related to returns and exchanges.

        … Using our webstore!
        We ship all our products from manufacturers directly to the logistics partner who is doing warehousing, handling and shipping arrangements to our webstore orders. No unnecessary logistics, warehousing or packaging materials needed in between.

        Packaging can be recycled with cardboards, when you rip of the foam and put that in plastics recycle bin. The head sensor can be recycled as a small electronic appliance. The battery should be recycled with batteries.
          ...Using ACT Head Impact Tracker products as long as they physically last!