ACT Head Impact Tracker head sensor

ACT Head Impact Tracker head sensor

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ACT Head Impact Tracker head sensor Generation 1.3 now released in our web store! The power consumption is whooping 90% down and one coin cell battery is lasting as long as well over 100 hours now and has storage for 464 impacts !

What is ACT Head Impact Tracker head sensor?
ACAT Head Impact Tracker head sensor is an integral part of ACT Head Impact Tracker, it is what measures the forces acting on your head. It measures what is it attached to, hence we recommend attaching ACT Head Impact Tracker head sensor to your head with a tight-fitting head accessory of choosing. Also when worn underneath or below a helmet. Actually it can be attached to almost any kind of head accessory or wear: variety of hair bands, head bands or helmets. Choose what you use, or buy one of ACT Head Impact Tracker accessories specifically designed for it.

What's new in Generation 1.3? 
Also works with newest OnePlus phone models with Android10 on newer operating system.

Product details
Name: ACT Head Impact Tracker head sensor
Casing materials: silicone, EDPM closed cell foam
Color: dark grey
Dimensions: 46,70mm x 34,40mm x 7,60mm
Operating temperature: -10°C to 40°C
Water/dust protection: Not suitable for water sports or under water use.
Communications: Bluetooth® 5.0 Low energy. The range may vary significantly depended on multiple factors such as surroundings. It can be anything from <10 meters (<30 feet) to 100 meters (300 feet).
Maximum power: 0 dBm
Operating frequency: 2360-2500 MHz
Battery: CR2032 replaceable coin cell (> 225mAH), or rechargeable LIR2032 coin cell battery . Battery is not included.
Battery life span: over 100 hours operating time (i.e. when the sensor is on).
Warranty: Northern Sports Insight and Intelligence Oy warrants to the original purchaser of this product that the product is free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of three months from the original date of purchase.
The smallest impact forces shown: 10g
Accelerator scale 100. Theoretical maximum g is 173.
Estimated delivery time at the moment: 2 weeks.

ACT Head Impact Tracker head sensors are assembled in Estonia by Incap Electronics Estonia . They are part of Incap Oyj, stock exchanged global electronics manufacturing services player with headquarters in Finland.

Detailed product description
The back panel of the head sensor has an adhesive surface that you can use by removing the protective film on top of it. We recommend that you use the adhesive surface to attach the hook tape to it, with which you can attach the head sensor to the specifically designed ACT Head Impact Tracker headband and ACT Head Impact Tracker dock or other head accessory with loop-side to it. Please note that the adhesive surface is very adhesive, consider carefully where or what you want to attach to it. 

If you consider attaching the head sensor to a helmet, refer to your helmet’s User Manual, Owner’s Guide or corresponding document to verify if it is possible. Always follow the helmet manufacturer's instructions on safe helmet use. Only use a helmet that meets the applicable safety standards when you use a helmet with ACT Head Impact Tracker head sensor.

Important usage information
ACT Head Impact Tracker smartphone mobile App is needed to operate the head sensor. The App is currently available for Android only, you can download it in Google Play store. The App is free to download and may later on contain in-App purchases. Please note that App's functionality with all mobile device brands and models have not been tested and cannot be guaranteed. See the list of tested brands and models in our FAQ.
- Ensure location services and Bluetooth® wireless technology connection are enabled on your mobile device for ACT Head Impact Tracker App and always when using the head sensor, or ACT Head Impact Tracker will not function. Ensure also that you have a valid SIM-card or e-SIM, mobile data, and roaming (if needed) enabled, on and active, or that you are connected to Wi-Fi, in your mobile device with ACT Head Impact Tracker smartphone mobile App always when using the head sensor. Otherwise ACT Head Impact Tracker will not function.
- Be aware of the reach limitations in data transfer between the head sensor and the mobile device with ACT Head Impact Tracker Smartphone mobile App. In case of an incident, keep the distance between the head sensor and the mobile device with the App as short as possible (the reach could be even less than 10 meters), or ACT Head Impact Tracker might not function as intended. Data transfer reach may vary significantly depending on, but not limited to: place of use, weather, smartphone model and brand, buildings and obstacles on the signal’s route. In case of an incident, take the smartphone with the App as close to the head sensor as possible. 
- The head sensor will switch off automatically after 3 hours (180 minutes). If your activity session lasts three hours or more, make sure to switch the sensor back on every three hours.

- ACT Head Impact Tracker is a measuring device. ACT Head Impact Tracker products or services are not medical devices and do not provide medical advice, any kind of diagnostics or treatment suggestions of any health problem. ACT Head Impact Tracker products or services, any content or information therein, is not to be used in place of consultation of licensed medical professional. In case of a head impact, or when suspecting one or a concussion, immediately and safely leave the activity and seek help from licensed medical professionals. It is advisable to have an accompanying person if concussion is possible. In case of an emergency, call an ambulance. If you have been given medical advice by licensed medical professional, always follow that advice despite any information or content in or from ACT Head Impact Tracker. Northern Sports Insight and Intelligence Oy or ACT Head Impact Tracker products or services are no health care specialists, neither is communication between you and us or ACT Head Impact Tracker forming any kind of doctor – patient relationship.
- ACT Head Impact Tracker products or services are not protective devices. They do not prevent incidents from happening and they do not protect against injuries or any kind.
- Not suitable for children under 36 months of age. Contains small parts. Risk of suffocation! Keep out of reach of children.
- Place the head sensor only in a location where direct impacts do not occur, do not wear on a forehead, back of your skull or on the temple for example. If you feel discomfort or pressure, the head sensor is not in a right location. Do not use underneath a skull-hugging tight-fitted helmet, but use a head accessory to place the head sensor below the helmet. See User manual for further instructions and illustrations.

Please note
- See our Terms of Sale, Return and Exchange policy and Form in this website ( for more information before you place your order.
- Due to hygienic nature of the product and one-time-only-registration of the head sensor you may only return and get refund on unworn and unused product(s) in their original unopened, untouched and sealed packaging. If you have opened the seal sticker on the head sensor packaging, or otherwise tampered on it, you may not return or get refunded on it.
- ACT Head Impact Tracker head sensor User Manual is online and available on this website ( The User Manual is available “as is”, and in the languages there today only. We make no representation that more translations or localized texts will be made available upon your time of ordering or when you receive your products.
- A fixed handling and shipping fee will be added to each delivery. The fee depends on the destination country and is as follows:
1. Delivery to address in Finland: 12,00€ / delivery (including VAT 24%)
2.  Delivery to address in other member states of European Union: 25,00€ / delivery (including VAT 24%)
- You will be fully responsible for paying any and all applicable Import charges and taxes directly to the relevant authority (and for reclaiming them in the event of a cancellation, an exchange or a return of Products(s), to the extent possible under the laws of your country) as determined by the authorities of the delivery destination country, and we shall have no responsibility or liability in connection with the foregoing.
- We currently only deliver to EU member states.